Well-being Leadership Training

In Person Option. Faculty: Richard Safeer, MD, FACLM, FAAFP, FACPM, Chief Medical Director, Employee Health and Well-being at Johns Hopkins Medicine and Judd Allen, Ph.D., President, Human Resources Institute, LLC. Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference. One hour breakout. September 29 – October 1. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Information and Registration.

Managers and wellness committee members play important roles in creating cultures of well-being. This interactive leadership training focuses on six opportunities for supporting a culture of well-being:

  • Sharing the well-being vision
  • Serving as a well-being role model
  • Using healthy activities to enhance social climate
  • Aligning formal and informal programs, policies and practices with well-being
  • Developing a strategic plan for establishing well-being norms
  • Tracking and celebrating success

Participants are encouraged to select at least two culture building leadership strategies for immediate action. The training also introduces the 125 plus HealthyCultureNow podcast episodes about leadership support for well-being.

Mobilizing Well-being Leadership Series

The Mobilizing Well-being Leadership series teaches eight key strategies for supporting well-being programs. The ideas presented in this series first appeared in the book Wellness Leadership, by Judd Allen, Ph.D. A movie about this approach by the same title features testimonials by executives and managers at Union Pacific Railroad, Johnson & Johnson, Seagate Technologies, John Alden Life Insurance, Central States Insurance and the University of Vermont.

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Aligning Cultural Touch Point Series

The Aligning Cultural Touch Point series examines how to align twelve informal and formal policies and practices with well-being. Take a deeper dive into day-to-day influences that shape workgroup behavior. Both informal and formal influences are discussed, including onboarding, training, communication, traditions, story, and resource commitment. The goal is not to create an entire new layer of “management to-dos,” but rather to align existing influences with well-being.

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Fostering a Supportive Social Climate Series

Social climate is sometimes referred to as engagement, morale and teamwork. A sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook contribute to both individual well-being and to important organizational indicators such as customer service, innovation, employee engagement, and teamwork. Where they are noticeably absent and people don’t get along, well-being suffers and productivity slows. The Fostering Social Climate Series defines each social climate element and recommends strategies for improving the work atmosphere.

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Workgroup Challenge for Well-being Series

The Workgroup Challenge for Well-being series features 103 field-tested actions that foster a healthier, more cohesive, and more productive work environment. Each episode describes activities that are ready to plug into the work environment, so managers and well-being champions can help employees grow.

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